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PPC Services: A Marketing Campaign to Boost Your Brand Growth

With the digital market evolving faster than ever before, extending your brand reach towards a potential target audience has become quite a tough task. The need of the hour is to adopt highly advanced marketing tools and techniques to generate and convert high-quality leads into sales and conversions.

Resorting only to robust SEO strategies works no more. You need more than just good Search engine optimization for your website. You need PPC management services from a reputed PPC service provider in India.

SEOroar is an aspiring digital marketing agency that offers result driving PPC advertising services. A successful PPC marketing campaign can be a cost-effective online marketing strategy to boost your brand growth. A Pay per click campaign paves way for highly targeted and revenue-oriented online marketing.

We create, manage and optimize your PPC advertising campaign with our data-backed decisions. We thrive to optimize your business to rank higher on Google and other search engines to secure better revenue and website traffic.

Our Best Features

Get Detailed Free Adwords Campaign Audit Report

SEOroar Analyze Adwords Campaign Areas Of Improvement That Can Drive Maximum Traffic, Leads And Sales. Our Free Advertising Campaign Audits Are Done By Professionals Manually With The Help Of Tools, That Cost Atleast $99 In Market.

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    PPC Marketing Services

    Assured Instant Growth with Right PPC Service Provider

    When we say, PPC marketing services are the quickest and most efficient way to attract a ready-to-buy audience/clients/customers, we are not exaggerating the fact. Even the expert webmasters in the industry suggest business owners adopt PPC management services to optimize high-quality lead generation.

    PPC marketing otherwise, known as pay-per-click marketing has become the need of the hour for online business owners. It is a strategized online marketing tactic that can help you reach a high potential target audience using advertisements. Purchasing PPC services from the right PPC agency in India can reduce your costs while benefiting your business in lots many ways. Here, you pay a nominal fee to the search engines like Google and Bing and get your ad placed in all the places you can find potential customers.

    Our aim at SEOroar is to reduce cost per click and ensure that your paid search strategy lets you earn more than spent. PPC experts from the Roar team are professionally trained to deliver ROI and optimized conversion rates that are to be found nowhere else with our custom-built PPC packages.

    • Increased Traffic
    • Site Optimisation
    • Sales Boast

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    Our Working Process


    Professionals With 7+ Years of Experience

    SEOroar professionals are experienced in unmatched marketing services in the industry.

    Working Process Team

    Experienced Team That Follow Google Guidelines!

    SEOroar focused on training professionals, so they can deliver up-to-dated marketing techniques.


    Performance Focused Analytics Skills

    SEOroar professionals are expertise in analytical skills, so no marketing efforts are waste.


    Customer Centric Approach With 98% Retention

    We have provided marketing to many small business, start-ups and brands with a customer-centric approach to grow every month.

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    Guaranteed Results

    No one can guarantee results in marketing industry, but we do. SEOroar first analyse and create strategy that works for individual business.


    Pricing Less ThanROI

    SEOroar provide competitive pricing to clients, so they don't have worry about establishing brand online.

    Why Your Business Needs PPC Marketing?

    Chances are, you might believe that your business does not need to invest in PPC management. But you really should invest in pay-per-click PPC advertising to fuel your conversion rates. Your business can enjoy countless benefits by investing in PPC campaigns from a result-oriented customer-centric PPC services company.

    Hiring a PPC expert like SEOroar can help you meet your business goals associated with better revenue and conversions. We help you target a highly segregated audience using data-backed decisions. With our tailor-made PPC services, we ensure your optimum results from your PPC advertising campaigns at the budget that suits your business. Let SEOroar, the best PPC service provider in India handle your PPC campaign management while you sit back to enjoy the best Return on Investment.

    Investing in pay-per-click marketing matters because it delivers results that are as fast and measurable as effective. You have nothing to worry about with SEOroar at your resort because we have got you covered for every nitty-gritty of PPC advertising campaigns. Here’s why adopting PPC services India could be one of the best decisions you make for your business.

    PPC (Paid Advertising Management) Process @ SEOroar

    With the fast-evolving digital market, it has become essential to invest time and money in online marketing to perform efficiently. The prominent webmasters emphasize businesses on the need to learn how about the process of various digital marketing strategies.

    As a leading digital marketing agency and PPC service provider in India, we follow a detailed process while managing your pay-per-click campaign. It makes it easier for you to understand how we work. We follow a step-wise guide to ensure we do not miss anything that might affect your performance, ROI, and traffic. We start with a site and existing PPC campaign audit. An audit helps us plan an effective ad spend budget for your business. We use pay-per-click advertising tools like Google AdWords to dig into the analytics of your previous paid advertisements.

    ✔ PPC Audit

    ✔ Keyword Research and Analysis

    ✔ Competitor Analysis

    ✔ Creation of Content/Ad copy

    ✔ Optimization of Landing Pages

    ✔ A/B Testing

    ✔ Ad distribution on relevant platforms like social media

    ✔ Campaign Management

    ✔ Conversion, Sales, and ROI Tracking


    Industries We Serve

    • Healthcare
      Healthcare Advertising
    • Food
      Restaurant Advertising
    • Education
      Education Advertising
    • Food
      Retail Advertising
    • Education
      Legal Advertising
    • Healthcare
      Tourism Advertising

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    Our Pricing

    Flexible Price

    Professional hosting at an affordable price. Distinctively recaptiualize principle-centered core competencies through client-centered core competencies.

    Startup Plan
    • 1 Channels Optimization
    • Account Setup & Management
    • Budget & Media Plan Strategy
    • Advanced Landing Pages Suggestion
    • 24/7 Customer Support
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    Premium Plan
    • 2 Channels Optimization
    • Account Setup & Management
    • Budget & Media Plan Strategy
    • Advanced Landing Pages Suggestion
    • 24/7 Customer Support
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    Blast Plan
    • All Channels Optimization
    • Account Setup & Management
    • Budget & Media Plan Strategy
    • Advanced Landing Pages Suggestion
    • 24/7 Customer Support
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    What Our Client Say About Us

    Collaboratively actualize excellent schemas without effective models. Synergistically engineer functionalized applications rather than backend e-commerce.

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    PPC Services Company – Why Choose SEOroar?

    SEOroar is an aspiring PPC service provider in India that thrives to provide the best results for your PPC campaigns. We are a team of professional PPC experts who offer valued PPC management services to clients across India. We are dedicated to delivering quicker conversion of leads for every quality click. We work to help you achieve a higher return on your investments with are uniquely effective PPC services India.

    Our team creates PPC campaigns and ads as per our clients’ needs and work to promote the same on platforms like Google Ads, Bing Ads, and more. Our team of professional search engine marketing experts works on prominent tools to advertise your website to deliver the best and faster results. We use leading pay-per-click tools and platforms like Google Adwords, LinkedIn ads, Twitter ads, and Bing ads.

    We publish your PPC ads on all the relevant social media platforms too including email, youtube, Instagram, and Facebook. Every team member working on your project account is dedicated to delivering value-for-money results.

    Why Choose SEOroar as Your PPC Service Provider?

    Our pay-per-click advertising campaigns ensure highly convertible lead generation. With our data-backed strategies, we ensure that you get nothing but the targeted audience because we know each click on your PPC ads cost you money irrespective of whether they get converted into sale or not. You need to choose us as your PPC manager because we help you optimize your marketing efforts without costing anything beyond budget.

    We dedicate our team to remarketing your business for unrivaled performance. Our paid search ad campaigns ensure the best results across all digital advertising platforms. Also, you do not have to worry about the status of your campaigns. We assign a dedicated account manager to handle all your issues. He shall be nowhere but, a call away. You can contact him to learn updates.

    ☑ Google Premier Partner

    ☑ Dedicated account manager

    ☑ Competitive PPC services pricing

    ☑ Optimized Online Visibility

    ☑ Increased Return on Investment

    ☑ Better ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

    ☑ Target Relevant/Potential Audience

    ☑ Easy CRM Tools

    ☑ Tailor-Built PPC Packages

    ☑ Regular and Detailed Monthly and Weekly Reporting

    ☑Satisfactory Customer Support

    ☑ We Keep You Involved in Your PPC Advertising Campaign with Live Monitoring/Reporting of PPC Marketing Campaign

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    The cost of a successful PPC campaign varies from business to business. The type of industry, business besides the business size take a significant role in determining the cost of a PPC campaign.

    The campaign cost also depends on the package that you enroll for.


    PPC is an online marketing technique known for its faster delivery of results, you will not have to wait for half a year to see results. Our team will, however, need about three months for you to see changes in your website’s performance. You will enjoy traffic before sales and revenues.

    Our team is trained to provide PPC marketing solutions through all the prominent pay-per-click advertising tools and techniques. We use Google Adwords, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Bing Ads.

    A PPC agency specializes in managing pay-per-click ad campaigns. It helps you enjoy the following benefits at cost-effective PPC services pricing:

    • Improved brand visibility
    • Increased target traffic
    • High-quality lead generation
    • Enhanced ROI/ROAS
    • Reduced CPC
    • Transparent monthly reporting about the campaign performance

    A PPC agency is a PPC expert. It has a team that understands the nitty-gritty of the pay-per-click ad campaigns. They are well-versed with all the relevant tools and platforms that shall help you maximize your ROI and ROAS while significantly reducing the marketing cost.

    If you are a business owner from India specialized in selling certain services, PPC marketing can help you target reach a potential customer based in the United States too. But this can only happen when you hire an expert instead of performing PPC on your own.


    Every online business owner out in the market must use PPC advertising. It is a highly target-specific marketing technique that ensures good conversion rates and reduced ad spends. It is a way to direct high-quality leads to your website for a raise in ROI and website traffic.

    Irrespective of who your PPC service provider is, your PPC ads will appear on all the relevant platforms/mediums where your target audience can find you. At SEO Roar, we publish your advertisements on social media, websites, mobile advertising, Youtube ads, Email ads, Twitter, Google, and other prominent pay-per-click advertising platforms.

    Pay per click often, abbreviated as PPC is an internet marketing strategy that aims to generate more highly convertible leads using ads. The PPC ads about your brand products and services are published on various online mediums. You generate a lead every time a user/audience/customer clicks on your ads.

    The PPC management services are known to give instant results by securing ready-to-buy customers’ leads hence, contributing to conversion rate optimization. It enhances the probability of turning ad clicks into leads that are valuable to your company. You are to use relevant keywords and long-tail phrases besides the direct display of ads on various platforms.

    The best part of this internet marketing technique is that it is just as budget-friendly. You do not pay for the ad displays but, the number of times the ad is clicked i.e., you pay for each click. You also pay a nominal fee to the web browsers like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! to place your ads in the search engine listings. A fraction of your PPC management budget goes to the PPC services company for managing your PPC campaigns and optimizing your ads to find a top position in the Google SERP.

    Cost-Effective Marketing Method: You need a big bag of money to do PPC!

    The statement mentioned afore is nothing but a myth. It is one of the biggest misconceptions that PPC needs big budgets. You might have wasted a lot of money by hiring inexperienced PPC management services.

    You can get your investment reduced and results optimized by hiring a PPC services company that knows what it does. With the strategy developed just to cater to the needs of your business, you can manage to generate quality and highly convertible leads using Pay per click PPC management.

    • Fast and Efficient Way to Reach Target Audience: A successful business is all about the amount of traffic its website receives. It is because the traffic on the website is directly proportional to the sales and conversion rates. You are likely to enjoy more sales if the organic traffic of your website is significantly high.

    But you would only the specifically targeted traffic to reach your website than some random users. Would you not?

    Search engine optimization might be the mightiest internet marketing technique to boost your business growth but, PPC management has its perks. While SEO is effective, it is too time-consuming. You will have to wait for months to witness some change in your business growth. But that’s not the case with pay-per-click PPC services.

    Investing in Pay per click advertising attracts potential traffic besides delivering immediate results. Chances are you might convert a lead into successful sales using PPC.

    • Works Efficiently with Other Marketing Strategies/Channels: You do not have to worry about disturbing your already ongoing marketing campaigns to investing in PPC. The biggest perk of adopting PPC services India is that works pretty well with all the marketing strategies. It can optimize your SEO campaigns by providing insight into relevant keywords you must use.

    This paid search marketing technique can deliver the results you have always craved for.

    • Hyper Targeting Marketing Strategy: PPC services India are known for their highly target-oriented nature. They let you reach potential clients instead of non-convertible leads. It is a way to extend your reach to an audience that values your products and services and intends on purchasing them.

    Pay per click tools like Google Ads lets you create an effective PPC campaign with the help of:

    • Demographics
    • In-market targeting
    • Custom search Intent
    • Remarketing
    • Relevant keywords and content


    • Easy to Track Results: Tracking your progress happens to be quite a tough task in ad campaigns. You would never know if your campaign is working efficiently if, you do not have tools to track and look into the analytics. An effective PPC campaign lets you track user interaction concerning your ads via A/B testing.

    The A/B testing assists you to see which ad has better performance. You can then make the required changes to ensure all your ads give optimum performance. You can use Google Ads to keep a track of how effective your ad campaigns are. It helps you keep a check on clicks, conversions, and sales. A PPC campaign from SEO Roar ensures huge success and benefits in terms of traffic, leads, conversions, and ROI.

    • Increased Revenue: Are not the optimized revenue and return on investment the ultimate goals of all the online marketing strategies?

    Pay-per-click advertising contributes to increasing your ROI and revenue by directing potential clients to your website. They are also helpful in enhancing the effectiveness of your landing pages.

    Hiring a digital marketing agency to manage pay-per-click campaigns pay off well for businesses through optimized performances, better ROI, and higher conversion rates. SEO Roar is a popular PPC agency in India. It aims to increase your return on Ad spend with its best-paid search and PPC marketing services. Scroll to continue reading the perks of hiring us for your PPC service provide in India.

    • Increased ROI: For every paid search lead you generate using a PPC marketing strategy, you move towards securing an increase in return on your investment. Our team works against time to reduce the costs you spend on marketing by directing target specific clients to your website.
    • Optimized Landing Pages: Getting users to visit your website/landing pages is not enough. You need properly optimized landing pages to ensure great performance.
    • You Own the Ads We Create: Even when you decide to leave us, the work we did for your businesses shall remain yours forever. You own them and are free to use howsoever you desire.
    • High-Quality Lead Generation: It’s a fact that leads generated through PPC services India are likely to bring in clients and customers who might purchase your products and services. In most cases, leads generated through PPC internet marketing bring almost immediate results.
    • Detailed Background Management: Our team leaves no stone unturned while working on PPC campaigns for your businesses. We ensure that nothing is left undone before launching your campaign to deliver the best results.
    • Reduced Cost Per Conversion: We know how tough it is to find a budget to spend on search marketing. We thus, take time to develop a strategy that is best effective for your business. It helps us in directing potential clients and customers, to your business. The potential customers are more likely to convert traffic into sales eventually reducing your cost per conversion.
    • Best Results @ Reduced Cost: That’s what we are specialized in. We are a PPC agency in India that strives to deliver the best results for businesses by achieving their ROI goals with our data-backed marketing campaigns. We aim to provide the best results at reduced costs. We avail competitive PPC services pricing.

    When you decide to choose SEO Roar as your PPC campaign manager, you decide to work with the best PPC service provider in India. As a digital marketing agency, we spend time understanding your needs and goals before working on your PPC account. We take time to learn about where your business stands in the relevant market before developing an business strategy for the same. Our PPC management services include the following offerings:

    1. Creating Target PPC Campaign
    2. Optimizing Existing PPC Campaign
    3. Keyword research and analysis
    4. Writing and optimization of Ad copy
    5. Ad A/B testing
    6. Conversion rate optimization
    7. Google and Bing Ads management
    8. Bid Management
    9. Social Media Advertising
    10. Display Advertising
    11. Search Advertising
    12. Mobile Advertising
    13. Remarketing/Retargeting
    14. Products Listing Ads
    15. Monthly/Weekly Reporting/Tracking PPC Performance

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