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Never trust statements like ‘Email is dead!’

It may be a decades-old technology but, Email is in use more than ever before.

Email marketing is one of the most underrated digital marketing strategies. It is an effective and cost-effective digital marketing campaign to promote your business and generate leads via one-on-one communication with your clients and customers. If you ever plan to formulate a cost-effective marketing strategy to fuel your business growth, email marketing shall be your first consideration. It is so effective that an investment of about 1$ in email marketing can help you generate a revenue of about $45.

SEOroar is a result-driven aspiring digital marketing agency that provides all kinds of marketing solutions including, email marketing solutions. With a team of email marketing specialists, we aspire to help your business generate and nurture revenue-generating leads. Ring us a call to talk to one of our email marketing consultants to know more.

Email Marketing and Its Significance

Did you ever receive emails from Amazon or Netflix reminding you that they miss you?

What do you think these emails are?

They are what we know as email marketing.

You can think of Email marketing as the process of sending commercial emails (messages) to your clients or subscribers in bulk. We know this process as an email blast. Business and Communities resort to email marketing to inform, promote products/services, drive sales and build communities. In email marketing, you usually send emails only to the subscribers who have subscribed/permitted you to receive commercial emails/messages from you.

If you want to know about the prevalence and importance of email marketing campaigns, read the following facts:

✓ The world has over 4 Billion active email users.

✓ 2 Billion emails per day are send worldwide.

✓ Email marketing is a perfect medium to distribute content and, it delivers strong ROI.

✓ The majority of the email users check their emails one at least per day.

✓ Webmasters and digital marketing experts suggest that investing in email marketing services can fuel your business growth by increasing customer retention.

Email might be old technology but, its significance has only been increasing over time. It has been getting bigger and better with the advancements in digital technologies. It has come out as one of the most effective marketing channels. Not having an email marketing strategy might cost you lots of potential sales and customers.

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Get Detailed Free Email Marketing Audit Report

SEOroar Analyze The Website Areas Of Improvement That Can Drive Maximum Traffic, Leads And Sales. Our Free Website SEO Audits Are Done By Professionals Manually With The Help Of Tools, That Cost Atleast $99 In Market.

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    Email Marketing Services

    Why does your business need Email Marketing?

    With the best email marketing services, you can extend your reach and communicate with your clients and customers on a one-to-one basis. Team SEOroar and its Email marketing services can help you market your business and improve return-on-investments. It does not matter whether you own small businesses or have a grand firm under you, the email marketing campaigns can assist you in building and maintaining a market for yourself.

    Believe it or not but, your audience checks its mails every day. And if you provide them with valuable content, they would not mind receiving them and proceeding ahead to make purchases from you. Undoubtedly there are hundreds of mediums to optimize and grow your business but, email marketing platforms remain the most convenient, cost-effective, and effective one of them. Here’s why your business needs to consider investing in popular email marketing services.

    • Marketing via emails ensures wider reach. It is because more than 50% of the total population in the world has an email account. And the majority of them check their emails every day.
    • Email marketing channel is just as budget-friendly. Investing in a well-planned email marketing campaign can help your business generate an average of 45times more revenue.
    • Emails are a permanent medium to communicate with your clients. What if the social media you use to reach out to your clients disappears overnight for certain reasons. What are you left with?

    Nothing! All of your followers, potential customers, and a channel to reach them has vanished. But if you use email marketing, you have your email list. It could be your direct channel to reach your audience.

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    How does SEOroar Create Successful Email Marketing Strategies for Your Business?

    At SEOroar, we use a customer-centric approach while creating email marketing strategies for large as well as small businesses. We start with a consultancy session between you and an in-house email marketing expert. Consultancy with an in-house expert is a part of unpaid, free plan to understand your needs. The consultant asks you questions about your industry, competition, and your target. It helps us understand your needs and formulate a custom strategy.

    The researchers from our team study your industry to understand the must-know facts.

    What is a successful marketing campaign if it does not know the audience?


    We also want to know about your target audience.

    Once we have adequate knowledge about the aspects that mind concern your marketing campaign, we start formulating the strategy for your business. The marketing team from SEOroar holds expertise in using several Email marketing software. Once we finalize the suitable ESP for you, we create a subscription form to build your email list. We embed the subscription form on your official website, landing pages, homepage, and every significantly visible page.

    Schedule a call, chat with us online or contact email support to know about email marketing plans and prices in detail. You can choose between regular and premium plans.

    Why Choose SEOroar Other Email Marketing Service Providers?

    Choose us as your email marketing service provider because we understand you and your business the best. We know that no two firms are the same. The same service for small and big businesses delivers different results because the needs for every business vary from one another. We provide pre-designed as well as customized plans for all kinds of businesses.

    (✓) We are a team of inhouse email marketing experts

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    (✓) 24/7 customer service

    (✓) Best services @ best prices

    (✓) Value-for-money services

    (✓) We use the best email automation software

    (✓) Dedicated account manager

    (✓) Timely reports

    (✓) Access to a dashboard dedicated to measure the email marketing campaign

    Get ready to work with one of the best email marketing service providers: SEOroar

    Contact us via call or ping us online to talk to one of our expert email marketing consultants or know more about email marketing.


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    Requisites of Email Marketing

    Unless you plan to hire an experienced email marketing agency like SEOroar, you will need two things to start email marketing. They are:

    ☑ An ESP (email marketing automation tool/email marketing software)

    ☑ An Email List

    While ESP is an easy-to-use email marketing automation software, the email list has email addresses of the subscribers who have opt-in (subscribe) to receive automated emails from you. You use ESPs to perform email marketing, send email blasts while you pay as you go.

    The purpose of this permission-based email marketing is to safeguard the integrity of you as a brand. Businesses sending promotional or transactional emails without the customers’ consent are flagged as spammers.

    It is thus, quite essential for you to practice proper email list management.

    Steps to Launch Your Email Marketing Campaign

    Step 1

    The first step to launch an effective email marketing campaign is to find one email marketing software with all the requisite marketing features. Finding an ESP is done to facilitate easy email sends. With hundreds of email tools claiming themselves to be the best option available, it gets just as tricky to find the right one.

    Enlisting the must-have features and budget in hand shall help you distinguish the email automation tools that might be a better option for you. Considering the following shall help in finding what you need.

    → If you are an inexperienced email builder, drag and drop email editor with pre-designed email templates shall be your first option.

    → Budget in hand

    → Email volume (500/1000/1500 emails per month)

    → Length of Email List (100/500/1000/1500 subscribers)

    → Types of the email you intend to send (promotional/transactional)

    → User interface

    → Tools

    Step 2

    Build your email list.

    Create a signup/subscription form to engage users. The ESP you use shall provide you with tools to create and embed subscription forms on your website, landing pages, blog posts, contact pages. You can also share the form on your social media accounts. If you are an eCommerce store owner, you can use the signup/subscription form as part of the check-out process.

    Be sure to mention the type of email content you will send along with the frequency.

    Step 3


    → Premium contents/emails that could be your lead magnetsExclusive checklist, report, email newsletter, Infographics

    → Special offers, discounts, coupons

    → Welcome email

    Step 4

    Once you have an email list, an Email Marketing Software, and contents to be emailed, your next step is to define the goal of your marketing campaign. The common marketing goals of an email marketing campaign could be one or all of the following:

    → Promotion

    → Spread brand awareness

    → Share special offers, discounts, coupons, etc

    → Updates about important news from the business

    Step 5

    Now comes the most crucial part of the email marketing campaign. You might want to hire a professional email designer to build a responsive email. SEOroar shall be your first option here.

    The expert email builders from SEOroar know how to rightly use the email automation software and tools to create clean, simple, and responsive emails. Small businesses can use the drag and drop feature of the ESP to build emails for the campaign.

    Step 6

    Optimize your email metrics. One way to optimize your emails is to:

    → Use recognizable sender details (name/email address)

    → An attractive, catchy subject line

    → Interesting preheader

    Step 7

    Do not!

    We repeat, do not send the emails before testing the same. Check the email for typos, link corrections, and other errors. Check if the email is compatible on different devices.

    Step 8

    Once everything is done schedule the time for email blasts.

    Email marketing works through email marketing software (also known as email marketing platforms and email marketing tools). You can readily find software dedicated to sharing send emails. You will be required to use one of the best email marketing software to run a successful email marketing campaign. A good email marketing platform is to send emails in bulk besides managing email campaigns.

    You may wonder if you can use the basic email service providers (email software) like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Rediff, and others. SEO Roar strongly recommends against it. Because all these email service platforms are for personal use, using them for commercial purposes can cause problems.

    You cannot use a personal email service platform to send bulk emails. The limited bandwidth, design, and deliverability of these mediums might put you forth unwanted problems. Email blasts from personal emails might tag your emails as spam and lead to disabling of your account.

    The best way to increase the click-through-rate of your email blasts is to optimize your marketing email before hitting the send button. Keep a check on the following before sending the email to ensure high success.

    • Clear and recognizable name and address of the sender
    • Catchy/Interesting subject line
    • Preheader interesting enough to generate curiosity in the minds of your customers
    • Check the typos, links, and errors
    • A/B testing
    • Device compatibility

    The best time of the day to send a marketing email would be a time when people are more likely to check their email boxes. Most people check their emails either in the morning hours or during lunch breaks.

    You can schedule your email blasts for morning hours or lunch breaks. Monday could be a great day to send a marketing email. People are more likely to check their inboxes on Mondays.

    You can grow or build your email list by encouraging your website visitors/users and customers to share their email addresses with you. You can provide them with dynamic, valuable content and encourage them to subscribe to receive email notifications from you.

    Tell them about the free plans/offers that they can enjoy by opting-in to receive email communications from you. You can use email marketing software to create a signup/subscription form and share the same on your website, landing page, social media accounts, etc.

    Every marketing strategy is best in its own space. They all have their pros and cons as well. While social media marketing is a great channel to create brand awareness, email marketing is perfect to promote products/services or encourage customers for certain call-to-action.

    You can use SMM to generate more traffic on the website or landing page. Email Marketing, on the other hand, can be used as a lead magnet to generate highly convertible leads.


    Irrespective of it being a decades-old technology, emails are a perfect medium to market your business. You can use email marketing to communicate your concerns or promote your products and services to your audience. While regular email service providers like Gmail or Outlook might not support you in sending the same mail to 500 contacts at once, email software dedicated to marketing can let you reach more than 1000 contacts at once via email.

    There are hundreds of email marketing tools available in the market. You can use them in your email marketing campaigns. However, to expect the best results from the campaign we suggest you use the best email marketing tools. They might charge a bit higher than others but the result that you receive from the best is always the best.

    • Some of the most common ESPs are:
    • Sendinblue
    • Constant Contact
    • AWeber
    • Mailchimp
    • GetResponse

    Writing a perfect B2B email isn’t as easy as writing an ordinary email. The content of your email must have clarity. It must have a clear call-to-cation. We suggest you hire a professional email builder for your email marketing campaign.

    Professional email creators use their experience to create a responsive email. They perform A/B testing before sending them for email blasts.

    Marketing-based emails are an essential aspect of the growth and management of businesses. Because emails have high deliverability rates, you can use email services to trigger sales funnels in your favor. The best email marketing services shall be as effective as social media marketing, if not more for sure. You will be required to create emails with catchy subject lines to promote whatsoever cause your aim. Marketing emails are widely used to share a wide range of dynamic content. You can promote your products/services or share signup forms, email newsletters, transactional emails, abandoned carts, coupons/offers, and lots more with your subscribers (email list).

    Offering a wide range of features the top email marketing campaign can benefit your firm (small businesses as well as medium and large companies) with the following:

    • Boost conversions
    • Increase brand awareness
    • Cost-effective email marketing platform
    • Ensured delivery of the message to the target audience (email list)
    • Drive better revenue
    • Instantly visible results
    • Global reach
    • Easy campaign monitoring

    ESP, an abbreviation for Email Service Provider, is nothing different from what you read above. It is software used for email automation. The ESPs are designed and dedicated to fulfilling email campaigns. With lots of automation features, email marketing tools ensure the best deliverability and optimum results.

    The best ESPs out there can help you generate the best results from your marketing campaign. With the drag and drop editor, even a naïve tech-savvy can create a highly effective automated email. The email marketing automation tools have an entire section of pre-designed email templates. Not just the email templates, this software also helps you manage and measure the success of your email campaigns with performance metrics.

    We cover every aspect of email marketing in our full-service email marketing plans. Here’s an insight into our email marketing services:

    • Audit
    • Building email list (opt-in subscribers)
    • Designing effective, customized email templates
    • Building responsive email
    • Creating content for email
    • A/B Testing of email before officially scheduled sending
    • Advanced email marketing strategy
    • Tracking email campaign

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