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Why Does Your Website need to Recover from Google Penalties?

Businesses suffering from Google penalties need Google penalty recovery services in India to get back the rankings earned after years of hard work and SEO practices. But before jumping ahead to discuss the best Google penalty recovery service in India, let’s understand what Google Penalties exactly are.

Google Penalties can be a big headache for inexperienced online business owners because they do not know what is Google penalty and how it impacts them.

Google penalty is a punishment. It is a punishment imposed by Google on website owners for defying the guidelines enforced by the web browser. These guidelines elaborate the criteria to create quality content on the websites. The sole purpose of introducing penalties and penalty recovery processes is to improve the user experience.

Businesses practicing black hat marketing techniques often suffer from Google Penalties. The penalty imposed on your business could both be a result of an update in the ranking algorithm or a manual review by Google suggesting malpractices.

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    Google Penalty Recovery Company in India

    How SEOroar Can Help You Recover from Google Penalty?

    Almost every Google penalty recovery company in India follows the same basic process in their penalty recovery services. They start with analyzing your website for the penalty followed by the elimination of issues raised. If it is a manual penalty, the agency goes ahead to file a reconsideration request to Google. If not, they wait until Google crawls your website again to review the issue.

    The purpose of imposing penalties on websites is that Google wants you to realize that user experience counts above all. You need to publish and sell the best content on your website to suffice the requirements of the visitors on your platform.

    To draw your attention towards the declining quality of services, Google imposes penalties and takes away your traffic. However, all the websites losing traffic are not necessarily under a penalty. The cause of dropping traffic could be anything concerned with your website and the relevant industry.

    Google webmaster guidelines say that when under a penalty, start with understanding their concept. Little knowledge about google penalties can cause more damage than recovery. You need an expert in the field to help you recover. Agencies lacking experience in the services of Google penalty recovery might not able to help you in understanding the concepts of a manual penalty. However, they might not necessarily be of great help when it comes to resolving the issues causing a penalty.

    Google Penalty Recovery Company – SEOroar Focuses On! 

    While many agencies offer advice, suggestions, and services, SEOroar promises results. Results that work in lifting manual, Panda and Penguin penalties. Their inability to understand the penalties and how they impact your business does more damage than possible good.

    By hiring SEOroar, you can beat the Google penalties that are toughest to manage including:

    (✓) Manual Website penalties

    (✓) Google Panda penalties

    (✓) Google Penguin penalties

    (✓) Links devaluation

    (✓) Anchor text over-optimization

    (✓) And other Google algorithm-based penalties

    As your penalty recovery manager, team SEOroar focuses on clearing your name from any penalty imposed on your website. We help you in lifting the penalties. Using the best tools available, we manage your link scheme for poor links. Businesses usually work on deleting the low-quality links when suffering from a penalty. But that is just not the right move.

    More than resolving the issue for instant results, SEOroar focuses on analyzing your website for its –

    (✓) Traffic

    (✓) Content

    (✓) Links profile

    (✓) Website design

    (✓) Anchor text

    (✓) Rankings on the search results and other factors

    Our team emphasizes performing a site audit to find the exact cause of your declining performance. Chances are what seems like a penalty maybe something completely different. The drop in traffic could be a result of an update or link devaluation too. This makes it necessary to know what the reason behind the problem is.

    We thus concentrate on devising a plan to help you recover from the penalty besides accomplishing your previous glory. Team SEOroar comes out to your rescue against Google Penalties with its best Google penalty recovery services. Contact us online or via a call to get more information.

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    SEOroar: An Expert Google Penalty Recovery Company in India

    SEOroar comes before you as an aspiring digital marketing agency offering all kinds of digital marketing solutions. Starting right from managing your search engine optimization to recovering your website from Google penalties, we cover it all. With a professional team with years of experience in the search industry, we do consultation too besides providing the best Google penalty recovery services.

    SEOroar is a team of in-house google penalty experts. With the best google webmasters in our team, we help you recover from the Google penalty using the best tools and tactics. Here’s how we start.

    ☑ Identify the Google Penalty

    It all starts here. Before moving ahead to resolve the issue, you need to know if there is any issue at all. When it comes to resolving penalties google imposes on your website, identifying the penalty becomes quite tough of a task. Using the Google search console, you can find if you are under some manual penalty.

    But things get tougher when the penalty is because of an update or something associated with google algorithms like Google Panda or Penguin. We recommend you verify your website with Google. One of the most important validation purposes is that you can use a search console to maintain, monitor, and manage your site’s presence in the search engine.

    ☑ Work on Recovering from the Penalty

    Once we are done identifying the penalty, we research and work on the causes that triggered the penalty. It could be because of keyword stuffing and low-quality content. It could also be due to unnatural links or bad links. We perform an SEO audit on your website and formulate an action plan to resolve manual actions by Google on your site. The process of recovery includes making improvements in the content published on the site, checking link directories, and contacting companies to remove the backlinks from the backlink profile that are poor.

    ☑ Filing Reconsideration requests

    The next step to penalty recovery services is filing the reconsideration request if the penalty is manual. Once we are done working on the recovery strategies formulated strictly as per the clients’ needs, the next step is to file a reconsideration request for Google to review the issue. If done correctly, chances are that the penalty will be lifted soon. Depending on the issues raised in the penalty, it can take multiple attempts to recover from the penalty.

    Contact us to get more information about manual and algorithms-based (updates like Google Panda, Penguin, Pigeon, Fred, and more) Google Penalty Recovery services


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    How does SEOroar Manage Your Business for Google Penalty Recovery? 

    The management for Google Penalty Recovery at SEOroar begins with analyzing your website and web pages for penalty issues. It includes checking every version of your website on the Google search console for the presence of probable manual actions/penalties. One version of your website can undergo a penalty while the other is good. It may be because a certain part of your website may have certain problems that need attention.

    As a Google Penalty recovery service provider, SEOroar advises you to put the effort into creating quality content, link building, and optimizing your presence on the search engines for organic searches. When imposed with a Google penalty, simple SEO services or SEO campaigns do not work. At times as such, you need more than regular SEO companies. You a team like SEOroar that holds experience in

    ✓ Recovering from Google manual and algorithms penalties

    ✓ Understanding Google updates

    ✓ Designing link schemes

    ✓ Creating/curating content with the right keywords

    ✓ Deliver results with the required outcome for websites

    Dealing/recovering from Google manual penalties is said to be easier than managing the business for search algorithm penalties. But that is just a bubble that pops with experience. Nothing is easy when it comes to managing a Google Penalty.

    Be Legit to Avoid Penalties

    Online businesses/websites are all about rankings in organic searches. To earn search traffic for your website, our team works on legit guidelines. We do things according to the guidelines laid by Google. It includes creating original content that satisfies your visitors. Trust us, as long as you follow the legit processes to do things, no updates can damage your online reputation.

    It may, however, be possible for Google to penalize your website even when you have no poor links or plagiarized content. It may be due to the new algorithm updates. Google launches algorithm updates like Hummingbird, Penguin, and Panda now and then. The purpose of these is to bring up the best search results for each search query. Every time a new update is launched, your SEO strategy is likely to suffer a temporary collapse.

    At times as such, links curated via the best link-building techniques may not be helpful enough to maintain your ranks on the SERPs. You might have to see if there is some penalty imposed on your website and get the issue solved. However, as stated above, you cannot file a reconsideration request for algorithm penalties. All you can do is wait until Google takes notice of the resolved issue.

    SEOroar Manages Your Business Against Google Penalties

    Using the best tools and years of experience that our in-house digital marketing specialists hold, we help your website recover from all kinds of Google penalties. We manage your backlinks (quality links as well as poor links), curate, create and edit content, resolve issues that raise penalties besides providing a whole range of digital marketing solutions.

    Google Penalties is the darkest nightmare for every webmaster, Why?

    It is because it can turn years your hard work into trash.

    The biggest irony at times, with the online business owners, is that they lose website traffic, SERP rankings, conversions, and lots more. Yet, they do not realize that they are under a Google penalty. Facing a Google penalty (manual penalty or algorithm penalty) is not a dead end. With the right course of action and Google penalty recovery service, you can earn your search engine rankings back.

    More than understanding the mere definition of penalties like Google Panda and Penguin, it is essential to know how they impact your website. Google penalty happens to be a way broader term than we anticipate it to be. It could do lots of damage to your business. At your ease, we bring forth how the algorithm and manual penalties affect your website.

    1. Significant loss of organic traffic
    2. Dropping SERP rankings
    3. Website ban
    4. Your brand name does not appear in Google Search
    5. Website removed from cached search results
    6. Website homepage is unavailable in search results

    Now that you have at least some idea about Google penalties and their impact let’s come back to the question, why your website needs Google penalty recovery service in India. Here is why you need to resort to the best Google Penalty Recovery Company in India.

    1. To re-establish your brand image and authority before the target audience
    2. To get back your organic traffic
    3. Lift the ban on the website (if)
    4. To reclaim your rankings on the SERPs
    5. And earn brand authority before Google

    All the google penalties out there can broadly be categorized as Manual Penalty and Algorithm Penalty. 

    • Manual penalties are imposed on websites selling low-quality content that fails to meet the quality standards. It happens after a manual review of the website by a Google employee. Suffering manual penalty requires you to fix the issues raised and file a reconsideration request. Use Google webmaster tools like Google search console to find if you need some Google penalty recovery service in India.
    • Algorithm penalties 

    Unlike manual penalties, algorithm penalties from Google are quite complicated. Algorithm penalties are automated. They can get your website penalized even for issues in the website design. Fixing an algorithm penalty is tough on a whole new level. The toughest task is to identify the penalty. Even after fixing the issue, you cannot file a reconsideration request but wait until the algorithm reviews the same.

    Webmaster tools like Google search console can help you identify the Google Penalty. Identifying a manual penalty is quite easier. However, identifying an algorithm penalty can be tricky.


    Google penalties are not the dead end. You can always recover from them using the right action plan. You need help from an experienced agent who can help you resolve the issues causing the penalty.

    You must work and manage your website according to the legit guidelines to avoid penalties.

    The best way to avoid Google penalties is by creating the highest quality, original content. As a website owner, you must concentrate on creating content that satisfies the users for their queries. You must not overstuff your content with keywords or buy links.

    Google considers these activities as a benchmark to penalize websites.

    All the Google penalties can broadly be categorized into two categories: Manual penalties and algorithm penalties. The manual penalties are the penalties imposed on your website for n number of reasons. They are imposed after a manual review of your website by a Google employee. These could be due to a high number of unnatural links, spammed content, hidden text, keyword stuffing, or low-quality content.

    Algorithm penalties like Penguin or Panda are usually due to the algorithm updates.

    Google penalizes websites for a variety of reasons. The purpose of penalizing online businesses is to improve the user-experiences of the visitors. Websites deserve to be penalized if they:

    Buying links

    Duplicate/plagiarize content

    Overload content with keywords

    Hidden text on Content

    Using Spam to Rank

    Hidden links on Website

    Overuse anchor text

    Hide sponsors links

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