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The present digital scenarios have been all about ranking high on the search results. And the crucial step to this is investing in Search Engine Optimization. We may not realize that SEO services are a mandate when coming to optimize online visibility. SEO campaigns and services can give your online business long term stability. Long gone is the need to discuss SEO and its essentiality for online business owners. There shall be a brief discussion about it. We shall, however, keep ourselves focused on understanding the SEO plans and pricing India.

Savvy business owners often get confused about how pricing for SEO packages India is determined. SEO Roar, an aspiring SEO expert agency, comes to your rescue with a guide on SEO plans and pricing in India. Before we dive deeper into Search Engine Optimization plans and pricing, let’s take a glance at SEO and its significance.

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    High Volume

    Keywords Plan Upto 20 Upto 50 Upto 100 Upto 200
    Proposed Contract Duration 3 Months 3 Months 3 Months 3 Months

    Initial Review & Analysis

    Website SEO Analysis
    Competitive Keywords Research
    Initial Ranking Analysis 1 2 3 3
    URL Targeting Based on Keywords
    Analytics Setup & Configuration
    Back Link Analysis
    Manual Penalty Check
    Monthly Strategy Discussion
    Mobile Usability & Adaptability Check
    Page Speed Analysis & Suggestions
    Canonical Tag Analysis & Suggestions
    Internal Broken Links Analysis
    XML Sitemap Creation & Analysis
    Advanced Robots.txt Suggestions
    Webpage Heading Structure Analysis
    Image ALT Tags Suggestions
    Meta Tags Creation & Analysis
    Duplicate Content Analysis
    Webpage Content Analysis & Optimization
    Information architecture audit Upto 10 Pages Upto 20 Pages Upto 30 Pages Upto 50 Pages
    Conversion Setup & Tracking in Google Analytics
    Fresh Content Development & Analysis
    Comparing Competitors Predictive Analysis
    Footer Suggestion
    Resolve Google Search Console Errors
    Advance Schema Analysis/ Creation
    Internal Anchor Analysis & Suggestions
    Google Local Listing Setup & Optimization
    Bing Places Listing Setup & Optimization
    KML Sitemap Creation
    NAP Consistency Check
    Article Content Creation
    Blog Content Creation 2 3 5 7
    PDF Content Creation
    Infographic Content Creation
    Article Posting 1 1 2 3
    Guest Blog Posting 1 2 4 5
    Competitors Backlinks 1 1 2 4
    Web 2.0 Creation 1 2 2 2
    Niche Blog Commenting 1 in 3 Months 1 in 3 Months 1 in 3 Months
    Related QnA Posting 1 1
    Link Syndication 1 1 1
    Country Specific Classifieds Posting 1 1 2
    Business Profiles Creations 1 1 2
    Local Citations Submission 1 1 2
    PDF/ PPT Submissions 1 1 2
    Infographic/ Image Posting 1 1 2
    SERP Ranking Report
    Backlinks Reports
    Google Analytics Report
    Google My Business (GMB) Insights Report
    Email, Skype & Phone Support
    Dedicated Account Manager

    Search Engine Optimization & Its Significance

    In the simplest terms, Search Engine Optimization is the set of digital tactics that work on optimizing your online presence. It is about enhancing your visibility in the search results. SEO is the process of improving your online performance, attracting more website traffic, and gaining better conversions and ROI. It focuses on optimizing the website to perform better in the search engines for relevant searches and queries.
    Only 70% of the visitors look beyond the first search engine results pages. For an online business targeting more customers and conversions, it is crucial to work on SEO. The difference between the click-through rate on the 1st and pages coming next is 71%:6%. It means that you must spend time and energy on SEO services to boost your online growth. This way, your business can reach a wider audience and earn better revenue and organic traffic.
    Irrespective of whether you are a small business owner or a grand entrepreneur, SEO is something you cannot ignore at all costs.

    SEO Packages that Boost Your Business Growth @ SEO Roar

    SEO plans and packages can fuel your online business growth in the best way. Business owners browse several digital marketing companies for the right SEO packages India. But one-size-fits-all SEO campaigns are no more as effective as before. SEO Roar comes with basic and advanced SEO plans that suit the needs of SEO clients. We also provide you an option to customize your SEO plan at your convenience. The SEO strategies created by SEO specialists are not limited to pre-defined per month/annual SEO website packages.

    Here’s how our pre-defined basic SEO plan and advanced SEO campaign look.
    Basic SEO Plan
    The Basic SEO plan at SEO Roar SEO company consists of the following services besides many others.
    1. SEO with regional/local focus
    2. Keyword research and analysis (under 100KWs)
    3. Monthly SEO strategy discussion
    4. Meta tag creation/Title tag creation
    5. Internal Link Building
    6. Google analytic setup
    7. Traffic analysis
    8. Google My Business Optimization
    9. Content Curation/Editing
    10. Content Optimization
    11. On-site optimization
    12. Strategy discussion
    13. Timely Custom report
    14. Timely Review call

    Advanced SEO Plan

    SEO Roar also provides you an advanced SEO plans for websites/online businesses to fuel their growth. Here is how an advanced SEO plan for small businesses looks.
    1. Keyword research and analysis (over 100 KWs)
    2. Monthly strategy discussion
    3. Meta tag creation/Title tag creation
    4. Website site map setup
    5. Google analytic setup
    6. Traffic analysis
    7. Internal/Cross-Linking Link Building
    8. Content Curation/Creation and Editing
    9. On-site optimization
    10. Off-site link building
    11. Speed optimization
    12. Conversion optimization
    13. Variation testing
    14. Technical SEO
    15. SEO strategy discussion
    16. Timely Custom report
    17. Timely Review call besides, many others

    Considering your requirements and suggestions, we customize our set of SEO services that work to deliver the highest ROI. Before you know your requisites, you can talk to our SEO consultants and conduct SEO-audit on your website. You can then get your SEO plan formulated for optimized results and revenue.

    Ingredients That Determine SEO Pricing
    You must have noticed the ‘get a quote’ pop up notification on the websites of SEO agencies and consultants. The agencies give a different quote to every website owner for a similar set of services. SEO Roar throws light on the ingredients that determine SEO website packages pricing and quote for SEO plans for websites/business. SEO services pricing is for all SEO packages is determined by the following factors.

    1. The size of your business and website
    2. Your goals
    3. Budget
    4. Relevant industry
    5. Level of services required
    6. Current online performance


    Factors Affecting SEO Pricing

    Every time you contact a digital marketing agency to hire its SEO services, you realize that knowing about SEO services cost is just damn essential. Different SEO service providers would be selling you the SEO services package at opposite SEO services pricing. While a freelancer will sell them at as low as $50-70 per month, a digital marketing agency will provide them for $500-5000. For similar services, the agency would sell different pricing quotes to the online business owners.
    Let’s look at and understand the factors that affect SEO pricing.

    1. Location: you would want to consider this factor of SEO costs. Not just yours but, the location of your SEO service provider matters too. A US-based SEO agency would sell its services at five times the price of SEO services in an Indian SEO agency. Despite their expertise and experience, affordable SEO services packages offered by SEO Roar and other SEO agencies India would be a lot less.

    2. Skillset and expertise: Instead of hiring an agency that brags about its proficiency, hire one that has results speaking for its expertise and in-depth capabilities.

    3. Quantity and quality results: Ensure to review the number of results promised by the agency before signing a contract. Also, discuss the quality of the services to be delivered. SEO Roar facilitates its SEO clients with a team fluent in SEO management to ensure optimized results.

    4. Competency of language: Because every business owner desires to reduce his costs, hiring a freelancer SEO service provider might sound appealing. But if you are planning to optimize your website for the best results, be mindful of hiring a digital marketing agency. Choose an agency that has a team fluent in English.

    5. Freelancer/agency: You shall find differences between the SEO services pricing of a freelancer and the SEO company. A freelancer would offer the SEO services at a relatively low price but, his credibility and proficiency will always be a matter of concern. While a full-fledged SEO company will demand high SEO services cost for its packages and plans but will ensure quality results.

    6. Niche marketing expertise: Expertise in the niche market counts more than anything else. Search engine optimization pricing is greatly affected by the expertise of your service provider.

    7. Experience: Companies with years of experience in digital marketing will charge you extra for their services. Rest assured. You can welcome the best results and revenue.

    Types of SEO Services
    Search engine optimization services usually refer to the traditional SEO tactics and processes. SEO Roar sells affordable SEO plans for small businesses and SEO packages India. However, to deliver optimized results for niche businesses, SEO service providers segregate the SEO services into three types. They are:

    Traditional SEO: Traditional SEO services refer to the set of SEO tactics responsible for optimizing your business’ online visibility.
    Local SEO: Local Search Engine Optimization focuses on the regional aspect. It aims to optimize small businesses for local reach. Local SEO is used by a local business that targets regional clients and audiences. They require listing on Google My Business too.
    Ecommerce SEO: Ecommerce SEO refers to a process of increasing the visibility and performance of online stores in the search result pages.
    Besides the aforesaid, SEO projects at SEO Roar consist of the following services:
    ORM management
    • Social media marketing
    • Mobile optimization
    • Online marketing
    • PPC (pay-per-click) management
    • Keyword analysis, research, and ranking
    • Website development
    • Conversion rate optimization
    • SEO consulting

    SEO Pricing Models/SEO Payment Models

    If you’ve come so far in the content, you must know for sure that SEO companies charge for their SEO services in more than one way. These methods of SEO package cost is what we know as SEO pricing/billing model. The most prominent pricing models used in the digital marketing industry include:
    1. SEO monthly plan pricing (SEO monthly retainer): The monthly retainer SEO pricing model is used for the full-fledged SEO plans and packages. Numerous SEO companies sell SEO monthly plans charging a fee on a per month basis. The retainer pricing model is the best fitted for SEO projects that plan long term curation of SEO monthly plans.
    2. SEO pricing on an hourly rate: Hourly SEO packages pricing model is used by the SEO agencies when clients want SEO management for certain parts of the project instead of the entire project. For online business owners that already have an in-house digital marketing team, this billing model is project-based.
    3. Project-Based SEO pricing: In the project-based SEO services pricing model, the agency does not charge a fee for SEO services in the group. You purchase a specific service and pay for it. For instance, you pay the SEO agency for performing SEO per project like keyword analysis and pay for the same at once.
    4. Result Based SEO pricing: In the result-based SEO pricing model, you pay no nominal fee until the promised result is delivered. Once you get the results delivered, you need to pay for the services. Small businesses
    5. Pay per conversion/lead: This pricing model befits small and medium-sized businesses. Here, you pay for every conversion or quality lead your business secures.

    At SEO Roar, we offer you SEO monthly plans and annual and customized affordable SEO services packages tailored just for your requirements. The end objective of our team is to work to deliver fruitful for your business. We ensure the best SEO services for the price you pay. In short, you get what you pay rightfully.
    How Much to Spend on SEO?
    The price you need to pay for the SEO services depends on the size of your business. It will also depend on the level/extent of optimization services you require. As mentioned above, you might witness differences in the charges from agency to agency. But that shall be all based on the agency’s capabilities and expertise to deliver optimum results. Once you get quality results, queries like SEO pricing how much does not matter anymore.
    Besides, there is nothing like Cheap SEO services when it comes to search engine optimization. You get what you pay. Companies selling SEO consultancy by SEO consultants and experts will want a price for consultancy sessions whereas, some other naïve service provider will do that for free. Be prepared for a flexible SEO budget.

    What Our Client Say About Us

    Collaboratively actualize excellent schemas without effective models. Synergistically engineer functionalized applications rather than backend e-commerce.

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    The SEO cost you pay for good SEO will be determined by the extent of SEO services needed for your online business/website. The level and skill set of the service provider you hire is also a crucial factor that affects how much does SEO cost.

    If your goals are quality results and optimized website traffic or ROI, do not run behind cheap SEO services. Good SEO services are often expensive in general. But the results they deliver makes it just makes worth your investment. Queries like SEO pricing how much on search engines can divert you from hiring the best SEO marketing plans. Affordable SEO plans for small businesses and traditional SEO marketing plans can cost around 6000/- to 25000/- INR.

    Avoid hiring an SEO service provider who offers SEO services packages India that:

    • Assures extremely budget-friendly services
    • Promises immediate results
    • No reporting
    • Lacks research
    • Lacks skill and experience

    An SEO package offering the following services shall be befitted for your business:

    • Technical analysis
    • Competitive analysis
    • Content Optimization
    • Keyword analysis/research
    • Content curation/editing
    • Customer behavior analysis
    • Continuous reporting
    • Content marketing
    • Search engine marketing
    • On-page SEO
    • Off-page optimization
    • Link building services.

    Choose the package that offers aforesaid services besides the ones you specifically need for your business.

    The drastic drop in the conversion rates from page one to page two and three improvise on the need to invest in SEO. The conversion rate on page one is above 71% while the same on page two and three is 6-7%.

    Improve your rankings on the SERP and boost your growth, you need to invest in SEO. A well-designed SEO campaign can earn you better website traffic, higher ROI, improved visibility on the search engines, and higher rankings on the SERP.

    Investing in SEO is worth consideration because SEO services package India:

    • Build brand image and authority
    • Are cost-effective/budget-friendly
    • Increase ROI
    • Drive website traffic
    • Provide competitive edge

    The customer-centric approach and promised quality results distinguish us from others in the competition. We stand out above the crowd and let our results speak for you.

    • Skilled SEO professionals
    • Sophisticated tools
    • Content creation
    • Competitive analysis
    • Dedicated account managers
    • Quality results
    • Best customer service

    The services included in the SEO package strongly depend on the package/plan you choose. SEO roar offers basic, advanced, and customized SEO plans for websites and online businesses. The basic services SEO packages India from SEO Roar includes the following services:

    • Local SEO
    • Traditional SEO
    • Ecommerce SEO
    • ORM management
    • Social media marketing
    • Mobile optimization
    • PPC (pay-per-click) management
    • Keyword analysis, research, and ranking
    • Website development
    • Conversion rate optimization
    • SEO consulting

    SEO companies in India charge less to perform an SEO audit in comparison to SEO agencies in foreign. The charges to perform an SEO audit depend on the size of your website and the issues it has.

    Yes, you can

    As long as you know what it is and what you need to do to improve your online performance, you are good enough to do your SEO. However, if you are someone naïve in the industry, we suggest against this. We suggest you hire an SEO agency for the best results. The agency will provide you SEO packages India that will work in your favor.

    A successful SEO campaign can gain you money lot more than you invest in SEO. So, never rush behind money over quality results.

    Good SEO in India can be purchased for price ranges between 6000/-INR to 25000/-INR per month. Some SEO service providers will sell them for as low as 25000/-INR a year. However, the cheap SEO services might damage your company and its reputation for a long time. We suggest you run behind quality results than pricing.

    SEO Roar aims to provide the best SEO services at the best SEO package cost across India. Our objective is to offer the best at convenience. We thus use all the trending SEO pricing models to sell SEO.

    The pricing models for SEO costs we propose in the quote also depends on your requisites and business size. Ping us now to get a quote for your website.

    The SEO services packages India offered at SEO Roar includes all the nitty-gritty of Search engine optimization. Right from analytics setup and configuration to keyword and conversion rate analysis, we do it all for you at the best prices. SEO Roar offers the best results delivered for the price SEO clients pay. We sell affordable SEO services packages India that include SEO services like:

    • Local SEO
    • Traditional SEO
    • Ecommerce SEO
    • ORM management
    • Social media marketing
    • Mobile optimization
    • PPC (pay-per-click) management
    • Keyword analysis, research, and ranking
    • Website development
    • Conversion rate optimization
    • SEO consulting

    SEO packages pricing is determined in 2021 based on the following factors:

    • Size of the business
    • The extent of SEO services you need
    • SEO pricing/billing model chosen
    • Digital marketing agency hired
    • The expertise and capabilities of the SEO experts/service provider
    • Quality and quantity of results delivered

    At times, you might want to google SEO services pricing to get an idea of the budget required to hire SEO services packages India.

    Firstly, the SEO pricing depends on the size and requisites of your business besides its current performance. Also the SEO agency you hire, its expertise, and the level of services you purchase decide how much you need to spend on SEO.

    You can choose a customized SEO campaign or go with a pre-strategized package it is totally up to you. For convenience, discuss the cost of SEO packages India you want to purchase beforehand.

    To be honest, yes, it is!

    Search engine optimization might be expensive and time-consuming but, investing in SEO is just worth it. Successful SEO campaigns can help your business achieve the feat you dream of. Well-planned SEO packages India can do wonders for your business growth.

    If you are a small business owner or a great entrepreneur, SEO is mandatory for you to perform well online. Because SEO is a valuable investment that can deliver the best results to your firm, it is just worth every buck you invest in it.

    Not more than 25% of visitors move past the first search engine result page for their queries. It means that if you are not ranking on the first page of the search results, you are losing drastic website traffic and potential customers. If you want to rank high on the search results, SEO is important.

    SEO can improve your rankings and boost your online business growth. You can gain higher ROI, secure better website traffic besides attracting a new potential audience. The SEO team at SEO Roar is known for its best practices. It lets you see the best results.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of techniques used to optimize the growth of your online business. SEO services is used to increase:

    • Website traffic
    • Search Engine rankings
    • Conversion rates
    • Optimize visibility on SERP
    • Quality backlinks secured
    • Revenue and ROI

    The price you need to pay for the SEO services depends on the size of your business. It will also depend on the level/extent of optimization services you require. As mentioned above, you might witness differences in the charges from agency to agency. But that shall be all based on the agency’s capabilities and expertise to deliver optimum results. Once you get quality results, queries like SEO pricing how much does not matter anymore.

    Besides, there is nothing like Cheap SEO services when it comes to search engine optimization. You get what you pay. Companies selling SEO consultancy by SEO consultants and experts will want a price for consultancy sessions whereas, some other naïve service provider will do that for free. Be prepared for a flexible SEO budget.

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