Published by March 27th, 2021

Social Media Optimization (SMM) is yet another most efficient tactic of social media marketing while Search Engine Optimization is that of Digital Marketing. However, people often use Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing interchangeably. This makes it necessary to learn the difference between them for the proper understanding of Social Media Optimization aka, SMO.

Inexperienced business owners think that implementing several SMM techniques works the same as putting effort into digital marketing. But that is just not the case. Social Media Marketing is merely a small aspect of digital marketing. Here’s how the two terms are different from each other.

  1. Digital marketing includes all the online marketing tactics used to promote products/services while Social Media Marketing includes marketing products on social media platforms. A Digital Marketing campaign is a long-term process that may take some time before reflecting results in your business growth. However, Social Media Marketing is a marketing tactic known for the quick delivery of results.
  2. Digital marketing includes optimizing the website and webpages for higher rankings on the SERP, improving online visibility. Social Media Marketing, on the other hand, aims to introduce a brand while engaging and convincing customers to take action in your favor.