Published by December 22nd, 2020

Search Engine Optimization often abbreviated as SEO is a process that helps in ranking your website, online business, and web pages higher in the Search Engine Result Pages. SERP is the index page that appears on the web browsers and search engines for your search results online. The SERP has links to the webpages and websites relevant to your queries.

Google (web browser) uses certain factors to rank websites in the SERP. The website ranking top in the SERP is said to be the best of all the content Google has for a particular query. It thus gains more website traffic. The ultimate goal for online business owners is to rank first in the SERP. SEO roar, an aspiring internet marketing agency can help you in achieving your dream. 

By implementing numerous SEO tactics you can raise your visibility and website traffic significantly. Search Engine Optimization can help you generate organic traffic via proven SEO strategy. When implemented with proper strategy, SEO eventually leads to greater profits.

While a major fraction of online business owners know very little about SEO. They believe SEO to be only about keywords and inserting links in the content page. But that is not true. SEO goes far beyond your thoughts. It includes everything beginning from how your website appears, on which devices it opens or does not open or how long it takes to open. The appearance, navigation to the length of content is all a part of SEO. The images that you add, the originality of the content that you publish, and the quality of the same matters equally well.