Published by January 1st, 2021

SEO Reseller Programs or White Label SEO services is a kind of partnership between two digital marketing agencies where one party is a Search Engine Optimization expert while the other is the one who plans to sell the former’s SEO services under its name. As understood from the name itself, White Label SEO is private label SEO meaning that he doesn’t have issues with the other partner selling its services as his own. 

Based on an agreement between two companies, SEO Reseller programs are made to share the sales and marketing responsibilities of some clients (SEO products).

Companies or digital marketing agencies specialized in anything but SEO often resort to White Label SEO to cater to the needs of their clientele. SEO Resellers are the ‘White Label SEO specialist.’ When hired, they ensure that you do not lose your clients or reputation as a marketing agency. They work in the background, manage your clients’ SEO campaigns, deliver optimum results for you. Also, they let you take the credit for their works cause’ they work on a White Label basis. 

When put in the simplest terms, hiring SEO Reseller services means that you do not require to hire in-house SEO specialists and spend on the excess budget. Because SEO Reseller companies have contacts with content writers, editors, and publishers, they ensure quality backlinks for your clients’ business. Some of the well-reputed SEO Resellers white-label not only their business but also their dashboard to allow your clients to track the progress of their SEO campaign.