Published by April 24th, 2021

Our team holds years of experience in selling the best Amazon listing optimization services to our clients. Our major offerings under Amazon SEO include:

  • Amazon Account Audit and Analysis: Our Amazon SEO offerings start with auditing and analyzing your Amazon account. It helps us find the spots we need to work on. Once we are done analyzing your account, we work on developing a suitable optimization strategy.
  • Amazon Seller Account Setup: For businesses that do not have an Amazon seller account, our team can help in setting up one
  • Competitor Analysis and Research: Every successful marketing strategy is built on the grounds of competitor analysis and research. Our team takes time to research and analyze the marketing approached that your competitors resort to. It is done to formulate a strategy that could beat them in the market.
  • Strategy Development: Your account manager contacts you once we draft a proposal with a suitable strategy. You can guide us into what service is to be added, removed, or modified in your Amazon marketing package as per your requirements.
  • Keyword Research and Analysis: Any optimization battle is half won once keyword research and analysis are done. We prepare a list of top keywords and search terms used in the relevance of your products and services. We then work on optimizing your product listings by using the shortlisted keywords in the right places.
  • Listing Creation: Our in-house experts create listings for all the products you are willing to sell on your Amazon store. We work on product title and description besides everything else. In case, you want assistance with product images (photography and infographics), we can help you in finding the best concerning third-party services.
  • Product Page Optimization: Creating product listings is important. But so is the product page optimization of the pre-existing product listings. We offer to optimize your product pages to rank high in the search results.
  • Professional Product Descriptions and Product Titles Copywriting: Many of the potential Amazon sellers lose customers due to unoptimized content copy. SEO Roar has a team of in-house content writing experts. We provide you with the best and search-engine friendly product descriptions and product title copywriting. The content writers from SEO Roar research for relevant keywords and stuff them in all the right places to optimize your product descriptions to appeal to ready-to-buy customers.
  • Buy Box Management: You are in for some mind-boggling optimization services when you hire SEO Roar as your Amazon SEO company. We help you find an edge over your competition in the market with our best product listing services.  
  • Monthly Report and Analysis: We believe in transparency. At every month-end, we provide you with a detailed report on your Amazon SEO campaign. Feel free to discuss and analyze the report with your account manager. The report has all the stats and logistics to help you and the team monitor the performance logistics of your campaign.
  • Dedicated Account Manager: When you choose us, you get an account specialist dedicated to your project. He communicates with you for everything concerning your brand. He researches and analyses your online store and helps in developing the SEO strategy best-fitted to optimize it.