Published by March 11th, 2021

More than understanding the mere definition of penalties like Google Panda and Penguin, it is essential to know how they impact your website. Google penalty happens to be a way broader term than we anticipate it to be. It could do lots of damage to your business. At your ease, we bring forth how the algorithm and manual penalties affect your website.

  1. Significant loss of organic traffic
  2. Dropping SERP rankings
  3. Website ban
  4. Your brand name does not appear in Google Search
  5. Website removed from cached search results
  6. Website homepage is unavailable in search results

Now that you have at least some idea about Google penalties and their impact let’s come back to the question, why your website needs Google penalty recovery service in India. Here is why you need to resort to the best Google Penalty Recovery Company in India.

  1. To re-establish your brand image and authority before the target audience
  2. To get back your organic traffic
  3. Lift the ban on the website (if)
  4. To reclaim your rankings on the SERPs
  5. And earn brand authority before Google